Meeting America’s Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs


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Michele and Chris Alley-Grubb
have been vegan for more than 25 years. In 1997, they decided to focus their animal advocacy efforts on the plight of farmed animals. They built Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary and now devote their lives and all of their resources to the sanctuary and its vegan mission.


Natalie Bowman is communications department manager and photographer for Farm Sanctuary. A vegan since the year 2000, she lives with her husband, and 12 incredible rescued cats, dogs and chickens in upstate New York. More of her work can be seen at


Davida Gypsy Breier started down the path to veganism and animal advocacy as a child after getting to know a family of pigs on a Minnesota farm. She previously worked for The Vegetarian Resource Group and currently works in the publishing industry. As a result of her involvement with No Voice Unheard, she started a new project, Wild Leek Photography, to help support sanctuaries and their residents. Visit


Susie Coston is Farm Sanctuary’s national shelter director. Over the past decade, she has mentored many others who have started up their own sanctuaries throughout the US.
Currently, she oversees a full staff at the New York Shelter. Aside from working at Farm Sanctuary, Susie cares for her own nine cats, two dogs and two roosters.


Leanne Cronquist, Farm Sanctuary’s California shelter director, is a veterinary technician by training. Leanne manages the staff at the California Shelter and ensures the care and well-being of the more than 350 animals who call the west coast sanctuary home. She currently lives at the Shelteritself with her three rescued dogs: Luthien, Beren and Norman.


pigEric Davis has been a veterinarian for 32 years, working with farmed animals, horses, dogs, cats, as well as in academia. A convert to animal protection and rights from a former incarnation as a cowboy, he just wants to help other creatures have better lives and to pay them back for all they have taught him.


Bob Esposito lives and works in New York’s Hudson River Valley where the many farm animals and people at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary make it increasingly difficult to consider living and working anywhere else.


Marilee Geyer is a co-founder of No Voice Unheard and lives in northern California with her husband Bob and a variety of rescued animals. She dreams of one day expanding her animal family to include more chickens, some liberated turkeys and goats and maybe even a cow or two (or three or four), or whomever else needs safe sanctuary.


Derek Goodwin is a professional photographer and vegan activist in Northampton, Massachusetts. He is the founder of Evolvegan, an organization using creativity to inspire compassion; projects include Vegan Radio, the Vegan Bus, and His photos of farm animals living at sanctuaries have been published around the world in books, magazines and on the web. More information about Derek's amazing photography is available here.


Erin Howard, a vegan since 2004, is the photo and video coordinator at Farm Sanctuary’s headquarters in upstate New York. She credits her passion for photography to the incredible lives and personalities of farm animals, whose stories often go untold.


Diane Leigh is co-author of One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter and co-founder of No Voice Unheard. She dreams – with love, hope, and action – of a luminous, shining world in which all beings are respected and left to live in peace.


Joanna Lucas is a writer, artist, and designer whose work strives to explore, document and present the inner lives of the most systematically abused, most willfully excluded group of individuals on earth: farmed animals. She is honored to work with Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary and to know and tell the stories of the farmed animal refugees themselves.


Lesley Marino is a Toronto-based photographer who uses her camera to tell the stories of her subjects, both human and animal. An animal rights advocate and vegetarian for over 20 years, she is excited to be part of a project that gives voices to those who cannot speak for hemselves.


Jo-Anne McArthur has been working as a photojournalist since 1998 and has traveled to over 40 countries with her camera. Sometimes she thinks her camera is just an excuse for meeting people and documenting their stories. These days, most of Jo-Anne’s energy is spent abroad, documenting the abuses that animals suffer at the hands of humans for an upcoming book called We Animals. Visit: and

Connie Pugh is a registered nurse by profession and a farmed animal photographer by passion. She hopes to teach the world the beauty and relevance of farm animals through photography. She spends her off-work hours volunteering at Farm Sanctuary in Orland, California, where she has hundreds of dear animal friends.


Jean Rhode splits her time between Brooklyn and Woodstock, where the cows, pigs, chickens, goats, turkeys sheep and ducks at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary continue to change her life. You can read more about these animals who are often ignored but are so amazing, loving and wonderful on Jean’s blog:


Kit Salisbury has been an ethical vegetarian since she was 18 years old and has been involved in animal rights/welfare issues for the past 35 years. Kit is currently the department manager of the Cogut Center for the Humanities at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


Windi Wojdak has dedicated most of her life’s work to animal protection and advocacy and is continually in awe of the resiliency of spirit of those who suffer and those who strive to relieve suffering. She believes in bearing witness and in the power to create change by living each moment in alignment with our deepest principles