No Voice Unheard
is committed to educating the public about issues facing animals. We are pleased to offerall of our books for use in outreach and advocacy work at a discount of 50% off the cover price.

This price is available to non-profit shelters, rescues, animal control agencies, educational and animal advocacy organizations. Shipping charges are additional - we use USPS, or our discounted Fed Ex publisher rates, whichever is least expensive for the quantity of books you are ordering.

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To animal shelters and rescues: In creating One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter, we hope to have created a tool that helps you educate your community, share the challenges you face, and teach what every person can do to help end the homeless animal tragedy. Many organizations are using One at a Time in imaginative and innovative ways - some of their ideas follow:

  • Selling it as a fundraiser or including it in their merchandise line.
  • Giving it as a "thank you" gift to donors, volunteers, or staff members.
  • Giving copies to local elected officials, policy makers, and community leaders, to help explain the challenges of their work, or as part of campaigns to get ordiances passed
  • Using it as an orientation tool for new Board of Directors members, Advisory Board members, or volunteers.
  • Giving it to their local newspaper to review, creating an opportunity to talk to the reporter about their work and the animals in their care.
  • Using it in humane education presentations and pet parenting classes.
  • Reviewing or covering it in an article in their newsletter, and using the article as an opportunity to teach about the homeless animal issue.
  • Putting a copy in their lobby for the public to look at while waiting.
  • Including a copy of the book with adoptions.
  • Giving it as a door prize at events, or using it in a silent auction fundraiser.
  • Placing copies in local libraries; keeping copies in the shelter library.