Thought to Exist in the Wild:

Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos
by Derrick Jensen, photographs by Karen Tweedy-Holmes


Author and Photographer Biographies


Derrick JensenDerrick Jensen
Called the philosopher poet of the ecological movement, Derrick Jensen is an activist, teacher, and author of ten books, including the acclaimed A Language Older than Words,The Culture of Make Believe, and Endgame, Volumne I & II. Publishers Weekly has described Jensen’s work as “breaking and mending the reader’s heart.”

His writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Audubon, The Sun Magazine, and Orion Magazine, among many others. Recently named Press Action Person of the Year, his speaking engagements pack bookstores, university auditoriums, and conference halls across the nation.
He lives in Northern California and continues to write about the destructive impact of industrial civilization, our connection to the land, our kinship with one another, and our place in the living world.

His website is
"What Do You Love?" video by Derrick Jensen (courtesy dropping knowledge): click here


Karen Tweedy-Holmes
Based in New York City, Karen Tweedy-Holmes has long been devoted to making black-and-white portraits of psychological depth and intensity. A critically acclaimed exhibition of her images of the male nude in 1969 was the first major gallery presentation of the subject in the United States by a woman. Her ongoing projects include sculptural details of New York City and Victorian period architecture, including landmark courthouses of the United States.

Her deepest interest is the animal world and she has documented animal life in the wild and in zoos since 1970. In recent years her work has concentrated on the landscape and wildlife of the desert Southwest and on macrophotography of insects and plants. For more than thirty years she has been committed to a self-assigned project-to produce a powerful and extensive group of black-and-white images of captive animals that would compel the viewer to question the concept of wild animals' incarceration as entertainment.

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