Thought to Exist in the Wild:

Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos
by Derrick Jensen, photographs by Karen Tweedy-Holmes


Was made possible with the vision
and generous support of:

Barbara J. Goodrich, Robin S. Rawls, Katherine Mindlin Reinleitner, Stephen Colley, Lisa Lewis, Ben Lewis, Diane Hamelin, Margaret Kupps, Joan M. Cummings, Meryl Lewin, Nell S. Cliff, Patrick Welch & Debbie Sitka, Patsy Volpe, Lorraine Hoge, Peggy Pace, Kristin White Del Rosso, Sam Burkhardt, Barbara Beyer-Altieri, Mary Beth Brown, Linda Sullivan, John & Pepper Hall, Lori A. Koch, Monique Leduc, Mary Sweeley Castro, Wendy Hyatt, Al French, Katarina Donohue, Virginia Kallianes, Amy Buriss, Julie Mascavage.

Gratitude and thanks to:

Davida Breier, Theresa Noll, Lisa Rudin, Bill Maher, Andy Hurley, Stephen Mitchell, Frank Noelker, Julie Burke, Anthony Arnove, Tom Campbell & The Guacamole Fund, Mike Miller–Prism Photographics, David Wing–Art and Development, Carol Cuminale, JP Novic, Windi Wojdak, Kathy Ninneman, Bob Geyer, and Kevin.