What YOU can do...


In our everyday lives, in the choices we make and the actions we take, we can create change. These are the simple, yet profound, things we can do...

  • Understand the commitment we are making when we take an animal into our homes and lives, be ready and willing to accept that commitment in our hearts and minds, and make it a lifelong commitment.
  • Protect our animal companions from becoming lost by keeping them safely confined and always wearing current identification.
  • Spay and neuter our animals so that they do not contribute to companion animal overpopulation.
  • Save a life by adopting our next animal companion from a shelter.
  • Choose our companions thoughtfully and carefully to ensure we are making a good match that will last a lifetime;
  • Provide our companions with the basics of food and shelter and medical care, and also provide them with the love and companionship they need to be happy;
    Include them as part of our families, socialize them so that they are comfortable in human society, train them so that they are safe and good citizens;
  • Work through problems with them, and include them in our own life changes;
  • Always demonstrate responsible and loving companion animal care so that others may learn from our example, and so that such care becomes the standard in our society.

These actions honor our animal friends, and show gratitude for the love and companionship they give to us so freely. These actions acknowledge their intrinsic value, and express respect for them as living beings. Moreover, these are the actions that, one at a time, begin to bring an end to the homeless animal tragedy, and they are in your power.





If you want to do more...
Every community is different in its homeless animal problem - in its causes, as well as in its progress toward a solution. To find out how you can best become involved and help, find out what kinds of shelters you have in your community, and what kind of help they need. You may be able to foster an animal who needs extra care or time the shelter cannot give; you may be able to care for the animals in the shelter and give them the love and attention that will help them stay healthy while they wait for a home; you may be able to help the shelter raise funds or educate their community.

There may also be other organizations working outside the walls of the shelter - rescue groups, groups providing low cost spay/neuter, groups working to help feral cats, educational organizations, etc. - that can use your help.

Your time, your action, and your advocacy are incredibly valuable gifts to a shelter or non-profit organization, and to the animals themselves.

All of these organization sare playing a part in building communities that no longer have overwhelming homeless animal problems and have, therefore, no need to kill animals; they're working toward creating communities that find killing to be an unacceptable answer, and that see animals as having value and beauty, as beings with a sacred spark of life and spirit

Whatever you decide to do, we thank you for your compassion, your concern, and your efforts to bring about an end to the homeless animal tragedy and create a better world for animals.

Help us reach out. . .